March 3, 2017

Will Spooner speaking at the 21st Plant and Animal Genomics Conference

William Spooner, CTO of Eagle, will be presenting at the 21st Plant and Animal Genome Conference on 12-16th January, San Diego, CA, USA. His talk title will be: "Application of Sequencing Technology and Bioinformatics to Phytomedicine".

Will will be speaking about the impact of NGS on phytomedicne. To quote from Will's abstract:

"Phytomedicine is well-suited to being studied using the next generation DNA sequencing technologies (NGS) that have revolutionised molecular biology over the past 5 years. This is true both from the angle of lead discovery/optimisation, and also target discovery/mode of action.

Starting with the search for lead candidates, bioactive molecules from plants are effectively proteins/metabolites, and, given a reference sequence, can be traced back to their genomic origins. Significantly, phytomedicinal traits can be selected for like any other plant phenotype. There are already phytomedicinal plants such as Cannabis with sequenced genomes that are being investigated in this way, and there are tens if not hundreds of species whose genomes would be similarly useful.

The study of phytopharmacology is similar in many respects to that of 'standard' pharmacology, and is tractable via the same genomic techniques. The phytomedicinal exception to this are the synergistic interactions that can be pronounced in plant extracts, meaning that a single isolated ingredient will not always reproduce efficacy of the plant extract. Although the biological explanation of synergistic effects is far from clear, unbiased whole genome assays typified by NGS provide a promising approach to their study."

Will would be very happy to meet up with fellow delegates and discuss how the topics covered fit into the context of Eagle's bioinformatics services. In case you've not met Will before, you can find his photo on his LinkedIn account.

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