March 3, 2017

Will Spooner speaking at IDBS Translational Medicine symposium

Will Spooner, Eagle's CTO will be one of the speakers at IDBS' Translational Medicine Symposium on 11th December 2012.

Joined by other bioinformatics experts, Will will give an overview of past, the present and future of NGS informatics. To quote from the abstract for his presentation,

"Past: Next generation DNA sequencing technologies (NGS) have revolutionised molecular biology over the past 5 years, and now provide key tools in the development of personalised (genomic) medicine. Their adoption is, however, complicated by the prodigious data volumes produced, and the highly-specialised nature of the analysis software, developed mainly by academic institutions. Present: The need for effective approaches to management of high-throughput genomic data within life science R&D is widely recognised. In addition to traditional on-premesis solutions, research groups are increasingly looking towards modern computational approaches that are embodied by "the cloud". Future: The key bottleneck to NGS adoption moves from data generation to data analysis. Rather than extoling the need for more bioinformaticians, I argue that the future lies in increasing researcher productivity, driven by software platforms that promote collaboration and experimental reproducibility."

Will would be very happy to meet up with fellow delegates and discuss how the topics covered fit into the context of Eagle's bioinformatics services. In case you've not met Will before, you can find his photo on his LinkedIn account.

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