March 3, 2017

What do Eagle pipelines do?

Eagle Genomics can produce a vast array of genomic data analysis pipelines each tailored to your specific needs. Our pipeline design and construction service is as hands-on or as hands-off as you require - if you have a specific workflow in mind, we can code it, but if you have a general question you just don't know the answer to, we can help you come up with a plan to answer it.

Our definition of a genomic data analysis pipeline is a pipeline that handles genomic data - i.e. at some stage in the process (although not necessarily exclusively throughout the process) it will be looking at sequence, genome annotations, or genome coordinates. Our area of expertise lies firmly in this field at the moment and we do not believe in working on projects that we are less than expert in.

We don't make a habit of categorising our pipelines but sometimes it is useful to list out a range of possible areas in which we could make ourselves useful:

  • Sequence assembly services
  • miRNA discovery services
  • BioMarker discovery and detection services
  • Plant and animal trait detection services
  • Comparative genomics services
  • Microarray services
  • Custom genome building services
  • Genome annotation services
  • Multiple sequence alignment services
  • Sequence search services
  • Public private data integration services
  • and many others

Our pipelines are all constructed using open-source components making them entirely configurable and customisable to meet your exact requirements. Having said that, if there is a commercial component available that does the job better and is appropriately licensed and priced then we would of course include it in the pipeline - the choice of tools is determined by functionality not ideology.

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