November 10, 2020

Webinar: Rethinking Product Claims Through Network Life Sciences

WEBINAR: Rethinking Product Claims Through Network Life Sciences

We're teaming up with Kisaco, organisers of the Microbiome Connect conference series, to bring you insights from industry thought leaders on the future of product claims.

Join an expert industry panel discussing the future of product claims, including: how data can be leveraged to support claims, how multi-causal analysis is necessary for robust claims and a conversation about the current challenges and opportunities for companies wanting to develop data-driven claims.

Panel Particpants:

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson, Strategic Marketing and Portfolio Director at Cargill
Harold Schmitz Harold Schmitz, Partner at March Fund
Larry Weiss Larry Weiss, CSO and Founder at Symbiome
Anthony Finbow Anthony Finbow, CEO at Eagle Genomics 

The webinar was broadcast on November 2nd - watch it on demand here:

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