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Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Multi-Omics Datasets for R&D

Eagle Webinar 02 Dec 2015

R&D scientists in pharma and biotech are under pressure to identify new targets and biomarkers with fewer resources. This requires access, integration and analytics across many different data types including multi-omics, unstructured, and structured.

Eagle Genomics held a 40-minute webinar on 2 December 2015 "Unleashing the Power of Mulit-Omics Datasets for R&D".   If you joined the Eagle Genomics' Webinar, we hope you gained some new insights into the issues and challenges of effectively integrating multi-omics datasets into R&D.

If you missed it, click on the link to submit your contact information to view a recording of the webinar.

Click here to Access the Recording of Eagle Genomics webinar.

Unleashing the power of multi-omics datasets for R&D

In the webinar, we reviewed:

  • Two real-life examples of how pharma R&D use multi-omics data to achieve data-driven discovery
  • Methods for integrating and seamlessly linking many different (omics and other) internal and external data sources
  • New techniques in biodata curation leading to accelerated scientific analysis

Raminderpal Singh, Head of Business Development, Eagle Genomics


Will Spooner, CSO, Eagle Genomics

Will Spooner

Glenn Proctor, CTO, Eagle Genomics


Abel Ureta-Vidal, CEO, Eagle Genomics


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