March 3, 2017

UK Next Generation Sequencing Conference in Nottingham

Well it has been a busy first day of the UK Next Gen Sequencing meeting.

As well as some informative talks on more convential NGS topics, such as library preparations, assembly strategies and SNP discovery  using NGS, there was also some interesting presentations on some more unusual application of NGS, such as for determining the locations and activity of genome replication units and for studying chromatin structure. These made interesting research talks and also illustrated how widespread NGS use is becoming in research.  And of course I gave my talk on our miRNA prediction pipleline!

An interesting talk on some forthcoming Single Molecule Sequencing technology from Lifetech. Reads will be approx. 1kb in length, which will obviously be very useful, and accuaracy will be very high. However, the throughput is going to be less than already existing NGS platforms. So very much presented as a complimentary technology.

Topics: Bioinformatics, microRNA, miRNA, next generation, pipeline, Sequencing