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Yasmin Alam-Faruque

Translational medicine research application #2: patient selection and cohort builder for correlation and association studies

Selecting valuable patient cohorts for cancer biomarker discovery

Providing a scientist with prioritised datasets based on their scientific relevance to the research that the scientist wants to carry forward, allows for improved data selection,..

Catherine Kidd

Webinar: Expert Panel on Data Challenges in Translational Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Organisations

Join a panel of experts, including Alexandre Passioukov, VP Translational Medicine at Pierre Fabre, Xose Fernandez, Chief Data Officer at Institut Curie and Abel Ureta-Vidal, CEO at Eagle Genomics, as they discuss their first-hand experience of..

Eleanor Stanley

Translational medicine research application #1: target prioritisation and portfolio management

Over the last 3 years, Eagle has been involved in a EU funded project, sysVASC, a bench to bedside program with a systems biology approach to identify new targets of disease progression in cardio-vascular disease. This disease killed an estimated 

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