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Yasmin Alam-Faruque

Uses of e[catalog]

The e[catalog] enables both the build up of a single resource of legacy and current research datasets from a variety of experiments, and permits the federation of relevant disparate data sources. This resource can then be shared and viewed..

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Did Mystic Eagle get it right for 2013?

At the end of 2012, Richard Holland, our Chief Business Officer, made a series of predictions about what would happen in 2013. With the end of the year fast approaching, we take this opportunity to look back and see how well our resident..

Fraxinus - a gamer's review

One of the top UK news stories yesterday came from our friend Dan Maclean at the Sainsbury lab over in Norwich - some of you may remember him from his presentation at our second symposium in 2012. Dan and his collaborators have developed a..

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