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Will Spooner

BioJS collection published on F1000Research

Eagle are proud to be involved in BioJS, a collection of JavaScript components for client-side visualisation of biological data. The BioJS community has today released a collection of 14 articles on F1000Research.

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Ext JS vs JQuery - a quick comparison

In the Web 2.0 era, developers often hunt for a JavaScript toolkit/framework for their application to create dynamic web pages with ease. There are lots of them and it could take significant time, effort, research and experimentation to pick a..

BOSC 2013 - Eagle to attend and sponsor

This year's Bioinformatics Open Source Conference will once more be sponsored by Eagle, who are supporting a student travel fellowship. The conference will be held in Berlin on July 19th and 20th, immediately before ISMB. On the 19th, Eagle's..

Mind your metadata

Given the increasing number of experiments and the need to bring together data and analyse it as a whole, knowing where all your data is and what it is becomes ever more important. There are many spreadsheets out there where scientists have..

Bio-IT 12 Asia

Last week Richard Holland and myself flew to Singapore for the inaugural Bio-IT World Asia conference, organized by Cambridge Healthcare Institute (CHI). For those who missed the event and have not heard about the Bio-IT series, Bio-IT Asia..

Crowdsourcing in bioinformatics

Tuesday's announcement that James Bonfield won the Sequence Squeeze contest organised by the Pistoia Alliance was interesting for two reasons.

Will Spooner

Cloud will disrupt the outsourcing model

From time to time I read a paragraph in an article that chimes precisely with my own views. Although expressed more elegantly and succinctly than my own, such missives are admittedly self-affirming. Here's a case in point from Forbes' Joe McKendrick..

Eagle Interviewed on Open Source

Two interviews with Eagle Genomics leaders were published this week. 

Open-source security

It sometimes happens in academic-backed open-source tools that what in any other industry would be glaring security holes are for some reason not considered important or worrisome. Simple problems such as the ability to upload and execute any..

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