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How we hire - part 3: The interview

January 11, 2017 / no comments / in Blog, hiring, interview, jobs, process / by Glenn Proctor

In previous posts in this series, I gave an overview of how we hire and the job advert. So, the advert’s been out for a while and we’re getting lots of interest and applications. It’s time to select some of those people for interview.

Survey preliminary results

At the Eagle Genomics Symposium on Tuesday, our Technical Director Will Spooner presented preliminary results from the survey we ran in parallel with the registration process. Will is going to post a full analysis on this blog soon, but for now here..

Where in the world are the bioinformaticians?

As Eagle expands, we hire new staff from time-to-time to cope with the increased workload. (We're not currently hiring by the way, this is a general comment piece...)

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