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Sponsoring: Cloud Computing, Looking Beyond the Cloud

Eagle Genomics will be attending Bio-IT World Cloud Computing, a four days event in La Jolla, California, beginning 17th September 2011. We will also host and sponsor a short course on the second day titled: Cloud Computing and Genome Content..

Extra! Extra! Read all about it

We now have a section on our website where we publish the press releases in which we are mentioned. It is located in the drop down menu named press cuttings in the news button. It will be regularly updated from now on so you can keep an eye on what..

Eagle website user feedback

The more Eagle-eyed amongst you (pun fully intended, no apologies!) may have noticed some changes to our website yesterday afternoon. Gone are a lot of the confusing industry profiles and specialist area descriptions, and gone are the complex..

A piece of history

It is been almost a year since I joined Eagle Genomics as a marketing assistant. Our office was in the Babraham's Daly labs building. This was the first office I had worked in and was an old looking building. The first thing that I heard about it..

Symposium success!

Well that went better than could be hoped for! The 1st Eagle Genomics Symposium ("Provisioning Bioinformatics For The Next Decade - Are We Prepared?") proceeded very smoothly with a wide variety of interesting talks and plenty of discussions and..

Richard explains how Eagle Genomics is using the cloud

Eagle's operational director Richard Holland will give a talk tomorrow as a AWS customer at the AWS Tech Summit for Developers and Architects, held in London at the Congress Centre. He will explain how Eagle Genomics has applied Amazon Web Services..

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