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Yasmin Alam Faruque and Chloe Eyre

Are there differences in microbiome datasets?

The amount of data in a microbiome dataset depends on the location of the sample taken from, for example a human subject or environmental location under research. The graph below shows differences in the number of species within a certain site of..

Eleanor Stanley

Translational medicine research application #1: target prioritisation and portfolio management

Over the last 3 years, Eagle has been involved in a EU funded project, sysVASC, a bench to bedside program with a systems biology approach to identify new targets of disease progression in cardio-vascular disease. This disease killed an estimated 

Yasmin Alam-Faruque

The value of ontologies to Eagle Genomics 

Business value of ontologies 

Ontologies are essential to many aspects of R&D data integration and data governance. Use of structured metadata including ontologies and controlled vocabularies /nomenclatures can rapidly increase an organisations..

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