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Yasmin Alam-Faruque

Uses of e[catalog]

The e[catalog] enables both the build up of a single resource of legacy and current research datasets from a variety of experiments, and permits the federation of relevant disparate data sources. This resource can then be shared and viewed..

Craig McAnulla

Microbiomics / Metagenomics Analysis Part 1: Enabling better product claims faster!

  1. Scientists often sit at different locations e.g. the experiments at one location, while the analysis involves people from others. Given the importance of the study for the product claim, senior management also ask to look at the data. A data..

Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery: A Good Combination?

This is the first post of an abstract series, and a taster of one of the topics at the Eagle Symposium 2015 kindly provided by Philippe Sanseau, Head of Computational Biology at GSK addressing the subject of "Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery: A..

Mind your metadata

Given the increasing number of experiments and the need to bring together data and analyse it as a whole, knowing where all your data is and what it is becomes ever more important. There are many spreadsheets out there where scientists have..

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