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Will Spooner

Biomarker Discovery Plus


Eagle has a proven history of discovering actionable biomarkers in complex molecular datasets. Our success is based on a flexible, disciplined and collaborative approach that puts the researcher’s scientific priorities first. This is..

Eleanor Stanley

Linking cancer genome resources, ICGC, TCGA and EGA.


In recent years science has moved rapidly from identifying the first genes involved in cancer (1) to characterising entire cancer genomes (2). These advances herald our understanding the molecular basis of this entire..

Joke Reumers: Scalability, Reproducibility & Cloud Computing for 'omics in Pharma Research. #egsym15

Continuing with the abstract series covering the topics at the Eagle Symposium 2015, the following overview was kindly provided by Joke Reumers, Senior Scientist at Janssen, who will be addressing the subject of  "Scalability, Reproducability and..

The power of open science

This is a really short post - the video on the BBC website in this link gives the full story. A 15-year old teenager from the US has developed a pancreatic cancer test which greatly undercuts the cost of the existing standard test, and runs several..

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