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Fraxinus - a gamer's review

One of the top UK news stories yesterday came from our friend Dan Maclean at the Sainsbury lab over in Norwich - some of you may remember him from his presentation at our second symposium in 2012. Dan and his collaborators have developed a..

Will Spooner

The secret to efficient data processing on HPC/Cloud

This post reveals the secret behind Eagle's uncanny ability to rapidly develop and deploy highly efficient, flexible data processing pipelines on virtually any HPC infrastructure including Cloud. And the secret's simple; the secret (back to..

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Ext JS vs JQuery - a quick comparison

In the Web 2.0 era, developers often hunt for a JavaScript toolkit/framework for their application to create dynamic web pages with ease. There are lots of them and it could take significant time, effort, research and experimentation to pick a..

Plant bioinformatics event a success

On July 9th, Eagle co-hosted a one-day workshop on plant bioinformatics with NIAB at their brand new Innovation Farm facilties just outside Cambridge, UK. The conference centre itself had only opened six weeks previously and certainly delivered on..

Glenn Proctor

Less is More?

Some readers may wonder why nobody at Eagle wrote anything about the US Supreme Court ruling that human DNA cannot be patented. I did consider it, but despite being an obvious subject for a quick blog article there was mostly nothing I could add to..

Mind your metadata

Given the increasing number of experiments and the need to bring together data and analyse it as a whole, knowing where all your data is and what it is becomes ever more important. There are many spreadsheets out there where scientists have..

UK shortage of health- and bio-informaticians

I wanted to blog about the issue of the need for more skilled and experienced bioinformaticians in this country, but after I read an article in the Pharma Times saying exactly what I had wanted to say I thought I might as well just redirect Eagle's..

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