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Will Spooner

The secret to efficient data processing on HPC/Cloud

This post reveals the secret behind Eagle's uncanny ability to rapidly develop and deploy highly efficient, flexible data processing pipelines on virtually any HPC infrastructure including Cloud. And the secret's simple; the secret (back to..

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Ext JS vs JQuery - a quick comparison

In the Web 2.0 era, developers often hunt for a JavaScript toolkit/framework for their application to create dynamic web pages with ease. There are lots of them and it could take significant time, effort, research and experimentation to pick a..

Glenn Proctor
Glenn Proctor

Running a business in the cloud - one year on

This time last year I wrote a blog post entitled "Running a business in the cloud" describing how we at Eagle use various cloud services in the day-to-day running of our business. At the time that post was written, we hadn't been using the various..

Crowdsourcing pros and cons

I wanted to blog about this paper on crowdsourcing in bioinformatics but had great difficulty in finding any way of getting across the message without simply cutting-and-pasting the entire paper verbatim. Readers with an interest in the field would..

An embargo on short read alignment tools

Mick Watson wrote this excellent post on his own blog just before Christmas. I couldn't resist asking if I could repost it here as I agree with so much of it, and luckily he said yes. - RH

Private Key SSL Connection to Self-Signed Website Using Java

I recently had to write a Java web client to a external website with a self-signed certificate and secured with a private key. This was not something that I have done before; most of my work has been within company firewalls. There is a lot of..

Four things every sequence analysis pipeline should do

Titus Brown writes a good blog, and so I am surprised that I didn't spot his December 2011 post on "Four reasons I won't use your sequence analysis pipeline" any earlier than I did. So, somewhat belatedly, here is my response to his excellent set of..

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