March 3, 2017

Timesheets - why ?

Keeping track of time spent on projects and assignments should be easy, no fuss. So why does this task meet resistance?

Others have tried to address this issue:
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A common theme is that users don’t know the intelligence that timesheets can provide. They:

  • Are an indicator that goals for a project have been accomplished.
  • Can expose a sticking point that may mean training is required.
  • May expose tasks or areas of work where profitability could be increased.
  • Can inform future projects by helping to estimate time required for a task.

While this list may not have provide instant satisfaction, important knowledge can be exposed that could help guide the development of individual staff members as well we inform future project development for improved efficiency and profitability. This blog also discusses these issues.
You may find that team members consistently and diligently fill in their timesheets, others constantly lag behind. Is this lack of drive due to the complexity of the chosen timesheet application?
Eagle genomics use Beebole.

BeeBole is an easy to use, efficient tool for entry of time spent on projects. Weekly, monthly or quarterly views of this information allow you to keep track of a project budget, and which team members have participated and to what level. The interface is also very colourful and easy on the eye!

untitled Image from Beebole website

Time sheets are a small but important piece of the project management enigma. While their value is not immediately obvious, with the right tool and commitment from staff much can be learnt to improve company strategies. Engaging the heart and mind of team members is the ultimate goal to success :)

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