March 3, 2017

Third symposium presentations and more

Eagle's third annual bioinformatics symposium was an exciting day that covered a lot of discussions about achieving greater efficiency in bioinformatics. We had 10 high profile speakers, good networking breaks, gifts for every delegate, a tasty lasagne lunch, a prize draw won by Rutger Vos, and a drinks reception at the end.

Below are links to the speakers' presentations and their abstracts for those who missed the symposium or want a reminder of some of the presentations. Also a copy of the delegate booklet is available to download, and of course some pictures from the day!

And also a  14 min podcast done by Madeleine Armstrong from Clinica who spoke to four attendees about their experience at the meeting and the future of genome sequencing and bioinformatics: Richard Holland, CBO, Eagle; Alex Gutteridge, Principal Scientist, Pfizer; Xose Fernandes, Bioinformatics Consultant, Life Technologies; and John Wise, Executive director, Pistoia Allaince.

First things first, below are the presentations in order of appearance (not all are available online):


  1. Janssen – Anthony Rowe – "eTRIKS:  A Knowledge Management Platform for Translational Research." - Presentation
  2. MedImmune – Mathew Woodwark – "Impact of Informatics on Biologics Drug Discovery and Development in MedImmune." - presentation not available
  3. Keynote: Pistoia Alliance – John Wise – "Open Innovation does work and the Pistoia Alliance shows the way." - Presentation
  4. Naturalis Biodiversity Center – Rutger Vos – "Natural history museums in the NGS era: coping with the data deluge." - Presentation
  5. GSK – Victor Neduva – "High Throughput Sequencing in Pharma: Challenges and Solutions"
  6. Syngenta – Florence Servant – "Scaling up the Marker Assay Developments in Plants Species." - Presentation
  7. Rijk Zwaan – Remco Ursem – "Challenges in next generation bioinformatics for vegetable breeding." - Presentation
  8. Bayer Healthcare – Henrik Seidel – "Setting up RNA-seq in a pharma company – an experience report." -  Presentation
  9. UCB – Jiye Shi – "Mobile Crowd Computing: a Green Computing Resource."- Link to paper on which Jiye's presentation was based
  10. University of Manchester – Katy Wolstencroft – "Sharing data, models and procedures between Systems Biologists: technical and social engineering." - Presentation

A great sum up of the talks written by my colleague Richard Holland.

Delegate booklet

The delegate brochure is available here.

Also big thanks to the speakers:

In this photo form left to right: John Wise, David Flanders, Katy Wolstencroft, Henrik Seidel, Victor Neduva, Anthony Rowe, Florence Servant, Mathew Woodwark, Remco Ursem and Rutger Vos. Jiye Shi arrived a little later in the day so couldn't be included - sorry Jiye!

For more pictures please visit our Eagle facebook page or the photographer's website.

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