March 3, 2017

Third abstract for our symposium

This week we share with you the third abstract from our upcoming symposium "Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformatics?", this time focusing on a presentation from a global big pharma company. Henrik Seidel, Global Coordination Bioinformatics at Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, will be presenting his experience on the novel challenges related to a new change in the company.

Henrik's presentation is titled: "Setting up RNA-seq in a pharma company - an experience report."

Abstract: "Bayer Healthcare is currently in a process of changing from gene expression analysis with microarrays to RNA sequencing. With NGS came a number of novel challenges related to high performance computing, data storage, and algorithms which require new ways of thinking and new types of solutions. For pharma, this also includes legal aspects, because we work with patient data. I will describe the challenges we have to face when introducing new technologies such as NGS or HPC in a pharma context. I will also talk about the decisions and experiences we have made on our way so far."

Topics: Bioinformatics, life science event, symposium, Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformati