March 3, 2017

The power of open science

This is a really short post - the video on the BBC website in this link gives the full story. A 15-year old teenager from the US has developed a pancreatic cancer test which greatly undercuts the cost of the existing standard test, and runs several orders of magnitude faster.

Aside from this remarkable achievement from someone of his age, even more important is the reason he was able to do it in the first place. By relying on public open data from resources such as the NCBI, and open access papers and articles available through Google and online open access journals, he was able to gather all the information he needed to carry out his research and develop his hypothesis for the design of a new test. If he'd had to pay for every paper or journal through the traditional publishing model then he would simply never have been able to afford to do this and his novel cancer diagnostic test would never have been developed.

Open access really does make the world a better place.

Topics: access, Big data technology, Bioinformatics, cancer, diagnostic, journal, open, publication