March 3, 2017

The $1,000 Genome Is Almost Here - Are We Ready?


The era of the $1000 genome, which is all but upon us already, is a new era of predictive and personalized medicine during which the cost of full genome sequencing for an individual or patient drops to roughly $1,000.

Think about what personalized medicine can do: having access to your own genome information will open the doors to dozens of men and women wishing to find out if they have gene variants associated with Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease or cancer. In some circumstances this genome map will also help your doctor determine which drugs you should consider taking and at what dosage, which if accurate enough would be much more efficient than the current approach. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Full article originally published at Scientific American.

Topics: $1000 Genome, Big data, Bioinformatics, Ivan, NGS data, personal genomes