March 3, 2017

Taverna collaboration case study

The University of Manchester has published a case study about how collaborating with Eagle Genomics has allowed the Taverna project to reach a wider commercial market. The collaboration between Eagle Genomics and The University of Manchester myGrid team has supported both organisations to enhance their capability and reputation.

  • A commercial support team for Taverna has now been established within Eagle Genomics, increasing company revenues through sales of its new services and contributing to the business’s development and growth
  • The knowledge transfer has enabled Eagle Genomics to meet clients’ specific Taverna business needs, by making bespoke enhancements to the product
  • The partnership between the University and Eagle Genomics has led to a joint Technology Strategy Board funding bid, attracting £500,000 for a ground-breaking life sciences project which will use Taverna to dramatically speed-up gene sequencing analysis
  • The increased availability of both quality support and customisation services for Taverna will enable commercial organisations to carry out more and better quality research at a competitive cost, contributing significant economic value.

Importantly, with Eagle taking the support reins, the myGrid team can focus on developing innovative new features to enhance the Taverna product line. According to Professor Carole Goble of the University of Manchester, "This project will be instrumental in improving our productivity and the delivery of our consultancy services; as well as opening up an opportunity to develop a product-based strategy that should allow us to enter new markets, and support our growth in those we already operate in."

The full case study can be read here.

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