March 3, 2017

Symposium title decided: Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformatics?

Eagle are glad to announce the official title of our third annual symposium: "Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformatics?". (The one-day event was previously marketed under the working title of "How the efficient bioinformatician reduces R&D costs".)

Many biotech and life science companies are under pressure to cut budgets and make efficiencies in the current economic climate, yet the increasing volume of data produced by the current generation of sequencing machines puts ever more pressure on bioinformatics teams to do more with less. There is an ever-increasing need to better understand the systems and processes that have to be put in place to handle this data, and how they can be made as efficient as possible in order to meet research goals without blowing the budget. 

Eagle's symposium will be the perfect place for bioinformaticians, IT managers, and innovation leaders to get together to discuss the challenges and hear from an impressive panel of speakers, many from industry, with hands-on experience of achieving the impossible within their own organisations. Topics covered will include data sharing and collaboration, scaling up projects, green computing, crowd-sourcing, and best practices for setting up a new RNA-seq facility from scratch. 

The full panel of speakers and their titles can be found on the symposium webpage along with registration details. Registration is only £156+VAT until the early bird discount expires on 31st December, so move quickly if you want to take advantage of this lower price!

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