March 3, 2017

Symposium Talk Abstract: The Importance of Data Representation

The Importance of Data Representation: New Tools for Large Scale Knowledge Modelling

Steve Gardner

By Steve Gardner, CEO,

Biolauncher and RowAnalytics

Speaker for our 4th Annual Symposium:

Bigger Than Data - Discover or Die?

Talk time: 3:00 pm 27.3.2014

Talk abstract: "The volume and diversity of life science and healthcare data have created huge data integration challenges. Technologies such as federation and warehousing allowed us to manage volume but didn't give us the ability to respond flexibly to change or to routinely create novel insights from those data. In part this is due to imperfect recording and understanding of the context of the data and in part due to the representations we use. This talk will explore some of the historical and future approaches to large-scale semantic data integration and look at new graph and geometrical approaches to large scale knowledge modelling."

Bio: "Steve has built a number of innovative informatics technologies, products and companies in life sciences and healthcare in the US, UK and Europe. He has consulted widely to pharma, biotech, venture firms, the NHS and Government and built consortia in digital health, stratified medicine, biobanking and drug discovery. Steve was previously CTO of BioWisdom, CEO of Synomics and Astra’s Director of Research Informatics"


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