March 3, 2017

Symposium talk abstract: Don't Forget the Small Data: Experimental Metadata Tracking Using the ISA Infrastructure

Don't Forget the Small Data: Experimental Metadata Tracking Using the ISA Infrastructure


By Philippe Rocca-Serra, Senior Research Assistant, Team coordinator, University of Oxford e-Research Centre

Speaker for our 4th Annual Symposium:

Bigger Than Data - Discover or Die?

Talk time: 12:00 pm 27.3.2014

Talk abstract: "Reporting experimental plans should not be a second thought. Instrument output without relevant and accurate descriptors is of little benefit to the community. ISA infrastructure is a suite of tools geared towards facilitating good dataset stewardship by providing the necessary means for data managers to annotate, curate, report and ultimately publish their scientific results. In this presentation, we will highlight key features, ongoing development and collaborations to demonstrate the value and flexibility of the resources."

Bio: "Philippe Rocca-Serra is a Senior Research Assistant at University of Oxford e-Research Centre. He received his PhD from University of Bordeaux, he worked at EMBL-EBI in the Microarray Informatics Team, helping establish ArrayExpress archive. He has more than 10 years of practice in data management and has been an active member of several community drive standardization efforts aiming at promoting open data and open science vision. He is technical coordinator of the ISA project, part of the OBO Foundry editorial board and participates to resource development as part of the OBI and STATO projects. He has been involved in several European Framework projects including COSMOS, an effort to establish data exchange in Metabolomics working with EBI Metabolights repository. He is also involved in the Biosharing project."


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