March 3, 2017

Symposium Talk Abstract: A Joint Approach of Corporate IT and Scientists to Accept Big Data Challenges

A Joint Approach of Corporate IT and Scientists to Accept Big Data Challenges

Aline Nink By Aline Nink, IT Portfolio Manager Research & Development,Bayer Business Services GmbH

Speaker for our 4th Annual Symposium:

Bigger Than Data - Discover or Die?

Talk time: 2:30 pm 27.3.2014

Talk abstract: "The challenges that we have to deal with in the context of “Big Data” don’t only relate to technology, such as the selection of appropriate platforms, but also to organizations. At Bayer a long-term, interdisciplinary program was established to address this. It brings together skilled and experienced participants from science and IT in a one-team approach. In close collaboration innovative solutions are evaluated and implemented."

Bio: "Aline holds a degree and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, both from the University of Bonn. Aline worked for 2 years as a Postdoc at Karlsruhe Research Center at the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research. She then joined Bayer in 2001 in the Central R&D-IT business unit, leading various software projects as well as a team of software developers. From 2007 until 2012 she worked as a program and project manager for R&D IT at Bayer Cropscience. Since 2013 as a Portfolio Manager for R&D in Bayer Business Services she is responsible for analysis and optimization of the IT service portfolio covering the R&D units at Bayer."


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