March 3, 2017

Symposium Abstract #3 - Nick Lynch

This is the third of the abstracts for talks being given at the 1st Eagle Genomics Symposium, "Provisioning Bioinformatics for the Next Decade - are we prepared?". This week we'll hear about the keynote presentation being given by AstraZeneca's Nick Lynch, President of the Pistoia Alliance. Nick's talk is entitled "The Pistoia Alliance: Pre-Competitive Collaborations and Next Generation Services in Research Informatics."

Here is Nick's abstract:

"The Pistoia Alliance is a not-for-profit, cross-company consortium that defines, documents, and tests best practices to streamline processes, services, and data and application integration in the pre-competitive domains of life science R&D. We will explore the changing Life Science environment and discuss the future of Life Science services."

If you're interested in what Nick and our other speakers have to say, why not sign up and come along! 

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