March 3, 2017

Symposium Abstract #1 - Mark Forster

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting the abstracts for the talks being given at the 1st Eagle Genomics Symposium, "Provisioning Bioinformatics for the Next Decade - are we prepared?". This week I'll start with Mark Forster, External Relationships Manager at Syngenta R&D Information systems, who will present a talk entitled "Industry needs and the public life science information infrastructure."

Here is Mark's abstract:

"The public life science information infrastructure has already become essential to the European knowledge economy. Even the largest life science research companies have a pressing need to query, access, interrogate and integrate public data with their own proprietary information. Against a backdrop of rising data volumes, new and complex data types, as well as shrinking budgets, the ability to do everything internally is now fast disappearing. For smaller companies the challenges may seem proportionately larger.

Elixir is an effort to fund, construct and operate a sustainable life science information infrastructure for Europe. Work performed on Elixir work package 10 (plants, agriculture, small molecules and environmental informatics) and on work package 3 (industry participation) will be discussed."

If you're interested in what Mark has to say, why not sign up and come along! 

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