March 3, 2017

Symposium Abstract #8 - Matt Wood

This is the last of the abstracts for talks being given at the 1st Eagle Genomics Symposium, "Provisioning Bioinformatics for the Next Decade - are we prepared?". Here we will hear from Matt Wood, Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. AWS are also generously sponsoring this event by providing all delegates with US$50 free AWS credit. Matt will talk on the subject of "Ahead in the Cloud."

Here is Matt's abstract:

"Rapid innovation has driven a dramatic increase in data production and throughput for life science research, which has required ever more complex, flexible and collaborative approaches in information technology to better understand disease.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports a wide range of Life Science research with a scalable, cost-effective, flexible and secure cloud computing platform. In this talk we'll discuss how this platform is being used by bioinformaticians, software developers and IT departments as they work with complex datasets and the fast-moving, collaborative demands of modern research."

If you're interested in what Matt and our other speakers have to say, why not sign up and come along!

Topics: Amazon, AWS, Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics, biological data, changing understanding, Cloud, EC2, genome content management, genomics, next generation, outsourcing, private cloud, Sequencing, symposium