March 3, 2017

Sponsoring: Cloud Computing, Looking Beyond the Cloud

Eagle Genomics will be attending Bio-IT World Cloud Computing, a four days event in La Jolla, California, beginning 17th September 2011. We will also host and sponsor a short course on the second day titled: Cloud Computing and Genome Content management, Driving Translational Bioinformatics through the Next Decade.

Abstract:  Cloud computing has seen a lot of hype and excitement recently but it is only just starting to be considered by the biotech industry as a serious alternative to existing hardware infrastructures. Much has been said about its potential, but few real-life use cases are described where cloud computing has made a real difference in biotech. This workshop will bring together top speakers from a number of large biotech organizations working with genomic data - big pharma, academia, plant breeders, etc. - to share and discuss their approaches and first-hand experiences with the audience with the hope of dispelling some of the myths and provide some hard evidence of exactly what cloud can and cannot do for genomic research. This cross-industry approach will highlight common ground in an attempt to show that the challenges and rewards from working with cloud are not unique to any one industry or sector and much can be learned from working together.

Course Instructors:

  • Richard Holland, Director, Operations & Delivery, Eagle Genomics Ltd.
  • Andreas Prlic, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Protein Data Bank, San Diego Supercomputing Center, University of California, San Diego
  • Michael Braxenthaler, Ph.D. Strategic Alliances, Pharma Research & Early Development Informatics, Hoffmann-LaRoche Inc.
  • Dan Housman, Managing Director, Analytical Applications, Recombinant Data Corporation
  • Sandor Szalma, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow and Head, External Innovation R&D IT, J&J Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLC
  • Jason Stajich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology, University of California Riverside

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