March 3, 2017

Second abstract for our 2013 symposium

This week we share with you the second abstract from our upcoming symposium "Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformatics?". Below you can read about the presentation from Rutger Vos, Bioinformaticist at Naturalis.

His talk title is: "Natural history museums in the NGS era: coping with the data deluge."

Triceratops horridus, temporary exhibition (c) Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Abstract: "Natural history museums are more than just places where old bones go to die even further. As curators of sometimes centuries-old collections they enable unique insights into the diversity of life on earth, which they enhance by ongoing internal research as well as through external collaborations. With 37 million specimens, the Naturalis Biodiversity Center of the Netherlands holds one of the five largest natural history collections in the world. Researchers at NBC study a wide variety of topics ranging from the fundamental to the highly applied. Recent advances in high-throughput DNA sequencing have added a new dimension to this, enabling analyses ranging from present-day species identification on demand, to ancient DNA sequencing of a variety of specimens, to various (paleo-)genome projects. As a consequence, bioinformatics is taking on an increasingly important role, posing new challenges to old institutions in acquiring expertise, manpower and computational resources to manage the ongoing data deluge and to transform natural history museums into curators of digital as well as physical objects."

Topics: Big data, Bioinformatics, lifescience event, symposium, Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformati