March 3, 2017

Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting

I will be presenting a talk on "Three Ways to Analyse Genomic Data in the Cloud" at the QMB 2011 Bioinformatics meeting in Queenstown, New Zealand, later this month. As the last speaker on the last session before afternoon tea, I may have difficulty keeping everyone awake and paying attention! However I hope that the three practical solutions I will describe that offer ways of handling large genomic datasets in a scalable and robust manner will keep at least the hardcore bioinformaticians interested for long enough.

The three solutions will include: Taverna on the cloud (a work-in-progress through a joint project with the University of Manchester), eHive on clusters/clouds (an example from a BBSRC institute we have been working with), and a shared multi-tenancy workflow platform (another work-in-progress). Don't be scared or put off by the term 'work-in-progress' - all these solutions have been built already and have demonstrated their effectiveness.

It's a long way from Babraham to Queenstown but the meeting looks to be very interesting and well worth attending. Can't wait!

Topics: Bioinformatics