March 3, 2017

Presentations from Eagle's Fourth Annual Symposium online

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@eaglegen tweet: "If you see this sign you are the right place! #egsym14 Bigger than Data- Discover or Die?"

Organised for a fourth consecutive year our fourth symposium: Bigger than Data - Discover or Die? was held on Thursday on 27th March at the Babraham Research Campus. Our symposium was well attended and we are over the moon that we had 100% positive feedback from the surveyed delegates, who stated the quality of the talks was really good.

During the day we had eight high profile speakers from different backgrounds sharing diverse expertise in the efficient management of the "data deluge". The day finished at the Eagle Pub in Cambridge where delegates and speakers continued discussing the techniques shared during the day. Everybody left with new insight ideas into different techniqes that can be applie to achieve their bioinformatics research goals.

There is another blog which gives a summary of the each of the talks.

In this blog we will share with you the presentations that we got a permission by the speakers to be made available to the public. The links will lead to the speaker profiles and their talk abstracts where you can view their presentations:

AB7_4733From left to right: Fioan Nielsen, Steve Gardner, Philippe Rocca-Serra, Anthony Rowe, Martin Strahm, Alan Barrell, Aline Nink, Cameron Neylon and Arek Kasprzyk


We would also like to thank our exhbitors: Arkivum and One Nuclues

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Also special thanks for the support from BioPharma Market and Babraham Bioscience Technologies

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Once again we would like to thank all the speakers, delegates and supporters for making the day great!


Our next symposium will be on 19th March 2015. Make sure your diary is free. 

19th march

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