March 3, 2017

Ninth abstract for Eagle Symposium 2013

Following in the series of abstracts from the last few weeks, this week we share with you Remco Ursem's abstract. Remco will be representing Rijk Zwaan, a breeder and producer of seeds based in Netherlands. His presentation title is: "Challenges in Next Generation Bioinformatics for Vegetable Breeding"

Abstract: With a genome reference available for almost all crops we are working on a great wealth of research opportunities emerges. Analyzing data from large scale resequencing or transcriptome sequencing projects demands a serious bioinformatics capacity. Not only the dimensions of hardware and infrastructure, but also the tools and how we bring it all together has to be adapted, this is a challenge. How to deal with >100 samples projects and multiple references per species? Pan-genomes and visualization? Integrating this big data with ever growing knowledge for lead discovery? Some ideas and directions we see as a breeding company.

Topics: Big data, Bioinformatics, life science event, Rijk Zwaan, Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformati