May 4, 2019

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit

25-26 October 2017, Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London

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in-cosmetics hosts this year's the 3rd Formulation Summit and we are proud to be represented by our CEO, Abel Ureta-Vidal, who will be there speaking.

The Formulation Summit is a two-day conference for the personal care industry and is a great place to learn and share knowledge, and a good opportunity to network.

  • When: 25-26 October 2017
  • Where: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London
  • Topic: Biotransforming Beauty – Formulating with Nature

Abel will be speaking on the 1st day at 16:45 about how advanced DNA techniques help us to identify and characterise the microbiome, leading us to ways to prove cosmetic claims.

See the full education programme here:

If you’re interested in attending the Summit and meet our CEO, you can register here:

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