March 3, 2017

Happy New Year 2012

It is all very quiet here at Eagle Towers, what with the Christmas and New Year holidays meaning most of us (and our customers) are only just heading back to their offices to pick up their research projects where they left off last year, but now with renewed enthusiasm and anticipation of producing Nature-worthy results. 

What will 2012 bring the world of bioinformatics? Who knows! Genomics technology changes so rapidly that even six months from now is deep into the unknown. Personally I think that cloud will continue to change the way we do things, with more and more of the larger biotech companies dipping their toes in the water and experimenting with it for the first time. Eagle have seen great progress on this front in 2011, with cloud revolutionising the way that at least one of our customers does their research, and with Pistoia Sequence Services phase 2 due for release at Bio-IT World Expo in April things can only get more interesting as the market for cloud-based analysis for genomics data hots up.

The Pistoia Alliance Sequence Squeeze contest for finding a better compression algorithm for NGS data will also be announced in April, bringing with it (we hope!) a revolutionary new approach to managing the quantities of data that next-gen machines produce. This alone is something worth looking forward to for those of us with limited in-house storage or with a need to transfer sequencing reads across external networks and the internet.

Closer to home, Eagle has just come to the end of another hiring round and interviews will soon start as we plan to have our next recruit join us in the next couple of months. We're hoping that the extra pair of hands will help us relieve our traditional pre-Christmas surge in project numbers, although if the last three years are anything to go by then we don't think there's much chance of that happening!

Still, right now this expanded capacity needs to be put to good use, so if you have any projects that need addressing or trials/pilots that you'd like to try out (maybe you're one of the people who'd like to give the cloud a go but just hasn't quite got round to it yet?) then don't hesitate to drop us a line - call Richard on 01223 654481 x3 or email

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