March 3, 2017

Fourth abstract for our symposium

Following on the series of abstracts from the last few weeks, this week we share with you Anthony Rowe's abstract. Anthony will be representing the IMI Consortium. His presentation title is: "eTRIKS:  A Knowledge Management Platform for Translational Research"

Abstract: The IMI eTRIKS (European Translational Research, Informatics and Knowledge Management Services) is a new public private consortium made up of 10 Pharmaceutical Partners and academic/SME centers of excellence in data management, systems biology, biomedical curation, collaboration and data exchange standards. The goal of the consortium is to leverage the open source transMART platform to provide a series of services to Translational Research and Biomarker research programs to:

  1. Ensure the legacy of project data/results
  2. Facilitating dataset integration
  3. Increasing operational efficiency
  4. Establishing a common set of standards

In this talk we will describe and outline the current state of the eTRIKS project, illustrate how we are working to support ongoing research projects and how we are providing a hub for a growing ecosystem of open source informatics technologies and providers to support the translational research community.

Topics: Bioinformatics, lifescience event, symposium 2013, Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformati