March 3, 2017

Fifth abstract for Eagle Symposium 2013

Following in the series of abstracts from the last few weeks, this week we share with you Florence Servant's abstract. Florence will be representing Syngenta. The presentation title is: "Scaling up the Marker Assay Developments in Plants Species."

Abstract: Over the past 10 years, the advances on the throughput of the genotyping technologies on one hand and of the sequencing technologies on the other hand, have accelerated the use of molecular markers in plant breeding.

For genotyping, the molecular marker of choice is now the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) which is supported by several high throughput genotyping technologies, based on chips or PCR automation. The drawbacks of SNP genotyping assays (bi-allelic) are largely compensated by the advantages in terms of abundance and cost of the data point compared to previous molecular markers (SSR, RFLP …).

The sequencing technologies have also allowed accelerating the SNP discovery. Furthermore, they are offering the possibility to genotype without assays (genotyping by sequencing).

In this presentation, we will present the challenges that marker assay development in plants is meeting, in terms of evolving genotyping technologies, data integration and genomics tools.

Topics: Big data, Bioinformatics, Life science, symposium, Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformati