March 3, 2017

Expansion at Babraham Research Campus

Eagle, as many readers will know, is based on the Babraham Research Campus, near Cambridge, UK. Babraham has worked really well for us, providing flexible space, plenty of resources and facilities to use that would be otherwise very hard to gain access to, and of course providing the perfect conference venue for our annual symposium on bioinformatics. We don't often mention Babraham and how it has helped us grow but it is undeniable that our location here and the help that the campus owners have given us has contributed significantly to our ability to focus on doing what we do best - working with our customers - rather than worrying about mundane things like office facilities.

Recent rounds of UK government science investment have seen Babraham allocated a sizeable chunk of funds to continue building new facilities and capacity to support even more biotech companies such as Eagle. To encourage people to move here they have produced this short video, featuring (amongst others!) Eagle's CEO David Flanders:

It may be a marketing video but it is all true - the campus here really is excellent. If you'd like to know more, there's a longer version of the video and of course the campus website.


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