March 3, 2017

Eucalyptus has now a serious competitor

I discovered in this article by Joseph Forn that Eucalyptus, the well known open source infrastructure software to establish cloud environment, is in fact not 100% open source. The story goes that a code contributor, namely NASA, using Eucalyptus internally could not contribute improved code back to the project in specific part of the software that was in fact closed. This was the main reason for a large group of organisations, including NASA, to launch last July, OpenStack, a fully open source solution for cloud environment deployment. So far 34 organisations or companies have joined effort, these include big names such as Dell, Intel, AMD or even Cytrix! Code is already available as developer preview and an initial stable release is planned in mid-september for the storage handling and mid-october for the compute handling. It will be very interesting to see how is the community take up in the next few months.

Topics: Announcements, Cloud, Eucalyptus, Open source, OpenStack