March 3, 2017

Elements of Bioinformatics version 5 released #egelements

Eagle are proud to announce the latest release of our Elements of Bioinformatics table, version 5 (sometimes referred to as the periodic table of bioinformatics). It's hard to believe that this tool is now well into its third year of existence! As always it can be found at

New features in version 5 include:

  • Improved citation visualisation for all tools that have DOIs ( data and APIs have replaced the discontinued ImpactStory API that was used in previous releases).
  • Several additional tools, and a bunch of corrections to existing ones.
  • Improved text search integrates and cross-filters with year search so that both can be used simultaneously to refine a query.
  • Direct feedback submission by editing tools directly within the table website (click the pencil icon in the full details box for the tool you want to edit

Whilst only a modest update compared to the previous release, we hope that it adds enough new features and interest to keep it relevant and useful to bioinformaticians worldwide. We've got big things planned for this table, but we're not saying anything yet!

If you've got questions about the table, or want to hear about how industry and academia alike are using the tools in it to integrate and manage their genomic data analytics problems, come along to next week's symposium.

Topics: Bioinformatics