March 3, 2017

Elements of Bioinformatics table - now with Search!

We released a new version of our Elements of Bioinformatics table this morning - otherwise known as the Periodic Table of Bioinformatics. There's been a few changes which we hope you'll like:

  1. Search tools by name - they will highlight in yellow.
  2. Filter tools by year - maybe we should call this the Bioinformatics Time Machine?
  3. Newly added tools given a striped background to highlight them.
  4. We made a start at non-genomics tools, e.g. proteomics. We need your input to get this section growing so please tweet your suggestions using #egelements or directly to us @eaglegen.
  5. We've even added an RDF version for all you semantic web fans - the link is next to the PDF links at the bottom.

This time we've made sure that the new PDF versions went live at the same time, so you'll be able to download them using the links at the bottom of the table. Why not print one and put it on your office/laboratory wall today?

You can view the new version of the table online right now. As always, suggestions, corrections, comments, and feedback are all welcome - tweet us at @eaglegen using hashtag #egelements.

Topics: Announcements, Bioinformatics, elements of bioinformatics