March 3, 2017

Eighth abstract for Eagle Symposium 2013

Following in the series of abstracts from the last few weeks, this week we share with you Mathew Woodwark's abstract. Mathew is from MedImmune. The presentation title is: "Impact of Informatics on Biologics Drug Discovery and Development in MedImmune"

Abstract: MedImmune is the Biologics arm of AstraZeneca and is responsible for Biologics Drug Discovery and Early Development. Biologics forms a significant part of the overall drug project portfolio. Informatics in AstraZeneca is applied in a number of key areas, notably lead selection, optimisation and candidate profiling, translational science and BioPharmaceutical Development. The Biologics landscape is changing, echoing some of the challenges experienced by small molecules in the late '90s. This talk will provide an overview of how Informatics has been successfully applied to parts of the pipeline and where we see future opportunities to both increase efficiency and provide transformational change.

Topics: Bioinformatics, life science event, Will big data and bigger cuts cripple bioinformati