March 3, 2017

eaglediscover Wins Bio-IT World Best of Show Award for Eagle Genomics

Best of Show WinnerEagle Genomics, the life sciences smart data management company, has been recognized by the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2016 with a “Best of Show” award for its eaglediscover product, launched and showcased at the conference. The award recognizes the top innovative product solutions for the life sciences industry on display at the event, which took place first week of April in Boston.

“We are tremendously excited and honored to be recognized at Bio-IT World with the prestigious Best of Show Award” said Abel Ureta-Vidal, Founder and CEO of Eagle Genomics Ltd.

With BioIT AwardEagle Genomics showcased the eaglediscover product at the event, demonstrating novel insight on the world’s largest public cancer patient records, the International Cancer Genome Consortium data. ICGC is a public resource used globally by scientists to understand and find cures for cancer. Eagle Genomics’ analysis enabled a ranking of the most valuable projects according to their scientific value.

The eaglediscover product objectively measures the value of data assets as defined by their usefulness and relevance. The approach exploits quantitative and probabilistic techniques and conversation theory to enable a novel question-driven approach, allowing scientists to explore scientific value across diverse data sets as never previously possible.

A strong and diverse panel of experts drawn from both academia and industry judged Best of Show applications. This year, the panel included Michael Barmada, University of Pittsburgh; Catherine Brownstein, Boston Children’s Hospital; Joe Cerro, BostonCIO; Chris Dwan, Broad Institute; Martin Gollery, Tahoe Informatics; Richard Holland, New Forest Ventures; Eleanor Howe, Broad Institute; Alan Louie, IDC; Aaron Krol, Bio-IT World; Phillips Kuhl, Cambridge Innovation Institute; Katya Mantrova, Independent Consultant; Jerald Schindler, Merck; Alex Sherman, Massachusetts General Hospital; and Allison Proffitt, Bio-IT World’s Editorial Director.

“This year saw a record number of applications and technologies for the Best of Show Award,” said Allison Proffitt, Bio-IT World’s Editorial Director. “The award recognizes breakthrough innovations by leading vendors in the industry, and this year’s winners represent technologies that particularly impressed our judges.”

Access to the eaglediscover ICGC analysis is available through the Eagle Genomics Early Adopter Program.

About Eagle Genomics

Eagle Genomics is a software company helping life sciences companies conducting genomics and multi omics research to bring new candidate medicines, therapies and products to patients and customers more quickly. Its software solutions exploit smart data science and deep statistics to radically reduce time to complete and cost of research, thus enabling customers to achieve drastic productivity improvements and true data driven discovery.

For more information on Eagle Genomics, please visit the company’s website, follow Eagle Genomics on Twitter (@Eaglegen) or call Eagle Genomics at +44 (0)1223 654481

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