March 3, 2017

Eagle website user feedback

The more Eagle-eyed amongst you (pun fully intended, no apologies!) may have noticed some changes to our website yesterday afternoon. Gone are a lot of the confusing industry profiles and specialist area descriptions, and gone are the complex over-detailed lists of products and services. Instead we have focused the refreshed pages on:

  • Simplified definition of our services
  • Simplified list of our specialist areas
  • A bit more about the company background and location
  • More informative front page content (including a section with the latest blog post)
  • More logical structure of news, events, and other related information

We hope you like it, however we would also like some feedback so we can continue to improve it. Please post your comments in response to this post!

  • Is it clear from the website what Eagle does and what specific services we offer?
  • Is it easy to find contact information?
  • Is it simple to get at our latest news, events, and blog posts?
  • Is it obvious where to get copies of our white papers and appliance downloads?

Looking forward to hearing from you and to incorporating your suggestions!

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