March 3, 2017

Eagle upgrades its ‘Elements of Bioinformatics’ #egelements table

New updates allow users to directly link to scientific sources

Cambridge, Tuesday 10 September 2013: Eagle, an expert provider of bioinformatics software and services across a wide range of the life science and other sectors, has upgraded its ‘Elements of Bioinformatics’ table to include new features and tools for the benefit of bioinformaticians.

Over 50 new ‘elements’ have been added to the updated table, which allows users to quickly locate the original publications relating to bioinformatics tools using digital object identifiers (DOIs). These unique identifiers allow users to link directly through to published papers or journals. It also gives the user the impact factor of that work, which is determined by the number of times it has been cited by other researchers. The table also now has a DOI of its own to encourage citation.

Richard Holland, Chief Business Officer at Eagle, said: “We are delighted to present these upgrades to our Elements of Bioinformatics table. Bioinformatics as a discipline is constantly evolving to meet the challenges presented from a range of scientific and industrial sectors and our upgrades are a reflection of the importance of bioinformatics.”

The changes to the table follow an update earlier this year which saw a time-travel feature added. The easy-to-use slider allows you to portray the table as it would have appeared in years past and identify which ‘elements’ were available in what year.

Another new feature allows users to download the raw data that the table is generated from, allowing them to use it in open data mash-ups and alternative presentations of their own design. This is in addition to the existing semantic web compatible data feed and the printable PDF poster versions which can be downloaded for free.

“Since we launched our first table in 2011 it has been really well received by the bioinformatics community but we are always seeking feedback, particularly via the table’s Twitter tag #egelements. With bioinformatics constantly evolving, new tools and approaches are being developed all the time and we are keen to hear about them,” said Richard Holland.

The upgraded interactive table can be found at

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