March 3, 2017

Eagle sharpens talons for biomarker discovery with biomarker discovery plus

Molecular biomarkers are measurable properties that indicate biological state. These are fundamental to the development of today’s precision therapeutics and diagnostics. The current pace of development is phenomenal, but can we go still faster by addressing a major bottleneck; namely the orchestration (“data wrangling”) of the complex multi-step analyses that are required for biomarker identification? Having pioneered commercial bioinformatics for the past seven years, Eagle believes it can.

William Spooner, Eagle’s CSO, commented, “We have been fortunate to work with some of the best R&D teams in the world, and based on these experiences we have built an integrated flow that ties our software and skills together. This integrated service has already proved our clients with big wins.”

Eagle uses a question-driven approach to maximize the chance that biomarker signals, if present in integrated clinical/molecular datasets, will be identified. Eagle data scientists leverage three existing tools to deliver biomarker discovery plus. Firstly, the eaglecore dataset catalogue splits the data “haystack” into many smaller pieces (facets). Next, the eaglediscover data valuation tool identifies the most valuable. Finally, eaglehive rapidly and systematically sifts through them using multiple bioinformatics and machine learning techniques to find the best biological signal. Individually each tool has features that are unique in the field. In combination they form a revolutionary engine for end-to-end biomarker discovery.

The benchmark for a biomarker discovery is the selection of an actionable candidate for further development. In early 2016 an NME for autoimmune disease will enter clinical trials. Previously deprioritized, the drug was rescued by a small team including Eagle who worked tirelessly for 18 months to identify an experimental multi-omics biomarker for patient stratification.

Whether the aim is to gain insight into a disease or to uncover mechanism of action of a therapeutic, Eagle’s biomarker discovery plus maximizes the chances of success.

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