March 3, 2017

Eagle Genomics' symposium 4th abstract

The fourth abstract of one of the talks which will be held at our 2nd Symposium: "The Next 10 Years of Genome Content Management" on 29th March held at Cambridge, Babraham Research Campus.

The title is: A toolbox for high throughput in-depth analysis of omics data. 

Presented by: Miika Ahdesmaki, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Almac Diagnostics

  "Almac Diagnostics is a premier provider of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics consultancy services focusing on the analysis and interpretation of complex 'omics' datasets. In order to satisfy the requirements of internal and external customer projects Almac have developed an extensive and highly customisable set of tools covering the entire continuum of a typical data analysis project, from data QC to in-depth mechanistic analysis or development, evaluation and selection of optimal predictive biomarker models. The tool box, some components of which will be presented and discussed, ensures consistency and high efficiency of analysis without compromising the quality and depth of it."


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