May 4, 2019

Eagle Genomics named at the forefront of the genomics ‘global commercial opportunity’ by the Telegraph

The Telegraph today reported that drug industry leaders are calling for the UK to put more investment into the ‘global commercial opportunity’ in genomics.

Eagle Genomics was named as one of the pioneering UK company’s already leading the field, with the new report from chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies arguing that more support needs to be given to the sector in the interest of public health and safety.

The article also highlighted the risk of falling behind the United States, with the commercial potential offering a ‘fantastic domestic market from which to rapidly build overseas.’

The opportunity in genomics is not just limited to healthcare, with industries such as FMCG realising the potential in genomic/microbiome research to drive product innovation and ensure food safety.

Read the full Telegraph article here and look out for further comment from us in the business section of this week’s Sunday Telegraph.

Topics: commercial, genomics, investment, microbial genomics