March 3, 2017

Eagle Genomics facilitates a round-table discussion at BioData World Congress 2015

Will SpoonerWilliam Spooner, Eagle Genomics' CSO, will be facilitating a round-table discussion at the upcoming BioData World Congress (21-22 October 2015) to be held at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK.

Congress organiser: "Genomics, big data and bioinformatics mark the start of the journey, personalised medicine is the end goal. How we get there will depend on whether we can get usable intelligence from the data"

The two-day event will feature innovative talks and presentations related to the topics of genomics, big data,  bioinformatics, and personalised medicine. BioData World Congress brings together scientists from academia, pharma, and biotech companies to foster key collaborations.

Will's Bioinformatics themed, round-table discussion aims to highlight the importance on getting usable intelligence from genomics including:

  • How science and technology is shaping  and revolutionising our understanding of complex biological processes
  • Critical success factors in the utilisation of genomics data in personalised medicine
  • How genomics is driving developments in medical research

We would like to hear your suggestions on additions to these topics. Please share your suggestions in the comment box. Thank you!

BioData World Congress is where innovation and expertise are showcased, solutions are found, and learning done. The congress is held with the support of Babraham Institute, BIA, BioNow, The Pharmacogenetics, Stratified Medicine Network and the Pistoia Alliance. The event is being organised by: Health Network Communications

To register for the event, please proceed here. A 20% discount can be applied if this code is used: BJNP

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